Tucson Realtor WordPress Website Part 1

Increasing Business with SEO and a Responsive, Modern Website – Part 1


Wondering why sites like Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia have made such an impact on the industry? Its simple, usability and SEO! Your customers don’t want to interact with a flash site and 1999 MLS interface. They want a single call to action, clean simple design, and whatever pops up first on Google. So how can you compete?

First I want to preface that agent sites don’t necessarily have to be about lead generation. I fully understand that most Real Estate leads come from word of mouth, neighborhood specializations, and repeat business. Knowing that, and knowing what a connected world we live in, we can all agree that having positive web presence is still important for everyone and any business!

Let’s look at SEO for Real Estate related queries in my hometown, Tucson. Just googling Tucson Real Estate, this is what comes up.

Google search for Tucson Real Estate

Tucson Real Estate Query number 2

(Some research shows that neighborhood specialization for SEO might be more impactful for businesses. I think this is especially true for Real Estate agents, and we will explore that in Part 3 of this 3 part post!)


The first three results of the google search for “Tucson Real Estate” are national database search engines and the fourth is Craigslist! Finally at number 5, we have a local brokerage, Century 21. But then it slips back to the nationals again. And what is really interesting is that there aren’t any individual agents on there. Let’s look at another search, this time specifically for an agent. Ill search two ways, “Realtor” and “Agent.”

Google Search Results for Tucson Realtor


Under “Tucson Realtor,” there is not a single individual agent site that comes up on the first page. I also skipped over the google ad words so we can see what is really happening with SEO.


Possibly the most interesting part of this is that Tucson Realtor tracks on Google Trends, meaning people are searching for this term regularly! Take advantage of this, get your name up there!


Google trends results for Tucson Realtor


“Tucson Real Estate Agent” search quality gets a little better. There are three out of nine results that are actual agent pages!


Google Search Results for Tucson Real Estate Agent


But … according to Google Trends no one is searching for “Tucson Real Estate Agent.”

Google Trends Results for Tucson Real Estate Agent


Whether you are  brokerage wondering how you can dominate the “Tucson Real Estate” Google search or an Agent wanting to be at the top of “Tucson Realtor”, stay tuned to our blog for more tips, or reach out to us today! Our WPaaSP is perfect for helping you build usable, modern websites.

We also offer enterprise packages that allow all of your agents to create sites that maintain brand integrity – ensuring that YOUR online presence and reputation are safe.


WordPress Church Templates

We recently had a client come to us requesting a quote for a new website. Their small Virginia based church was ready for a new, more modern website. When I opened the link to the example page they sent me, I was pretty blown away. It was gorgeous, user friendly and made me want to send everyone to look at it!

I wanted to throw out a few tips and trends we are seeing for Church’s looking to revamp their websites.


  1. Powerful Imagery – Want to get someone’s attention? Start with some epic photos! These could be of your church, of your community, of the gorgeous wooded area behind your church. Let these photos tell a story of who you are.


The Father’s House (http://tfhny.org) combines powerful imagery with a powerful message to grab attention as soon as the site loads!

image of the home page for the father's house website



  1. Creating Connection – Make your leadership feel reachable! Add pictures, bios and a way to “click to connect” with someone. It will give your website an even more personal feel. The first time someone new comes to join you, they will already feel more connected.


The International Church of Las Vegas (http://www.iclv.com) main page highlights their pastors with a picture and quote. Click the link and get even more information, including an invitation to use social media to connect with them!



image of INLV church main page with pastors information and photo

image of additional information, photos and schedules for INLV pastorsadditional image of information on INLV pastors. bios, photos and schedules



  1. Story Sharing – Sharing stories of the work you do, or members and families of your community is a great way to create connection both for potential members and existing members of the community! Maybe even open the floor for members to comment and connect over these stories.


Redemption Arcadia (http://arcadia.redemptionaz.com) highlights stories on their homepage, not only are they one of the first things a user sees – but the invitation to share them is right there!

image of stories being shared on the redemption arcadia website


  1. Events – Highlight your upcoming events and services on the home page. Invite people to share these events through their social media pages. Your community is connected, encourage them to share and bring new members to events!


The Village Church (http://thevillagechurch.net) did an amazing job of creating a call to action for events at the top of the page and providing a map for users to see which location is closest to them.

image of events link on the village church website

image of the village church's locations and services schedule



  1. Your Message, Mission and Vision – Highlight these on every page. These are the calls to action for not only your website, but for your community!


Rock City Church (http://rockcitychurch.tv) incorporated Message, Mission and Vision all in one easy to navigate section. The simplicity keeps to attention on the content.

image of rock city church website menu

image of rock city church mission statement


Still not sure what your website needs? Give us a call today. We can help you create a welcoming website that reflects your mission!

WordPress Theme Download

I crave simplicity in everything that I do. Give me 1, 2, maybe 3 steps to complete a task and I am happy. I want clean, modern design, single calls to action, and websites where my millennial brain isn’t totally overwhelmed by images and content. When learning how to do something new, I want to be guided through the process (without being told what to do), but given access to tutorials, step by steps and even examples to help me learn. I want to be in charge and empowered!


Building a web presence is no different. The sea of themes can be overwhelming. How do I choose the right one for me? How do I know that my content, my images will work in this theme? And once I put it together, how do I even know that I did it right? Will it work for my customers?


The answers are, I don’t know. Because I am not a developer, I am not a designer and while I think I could be all of these things – it would take years to learn how to do them! For now, I have to rely on the professionals who know what they are doing. When I communicate my vision, give examples and talk about the experience I want my users to have, I need an expert to tell me that it will work, or why it won’t. If you are committed to choosing a theme for yourself, here are a few things you should know and tips to follow.


Themeforest has over 19k themes to select from. So how do you choose?


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 6.51.09 PM


  1. Pick a theme from a relevant industry. If you are a restaurant owner, look for themes that have the functionalities you need: hours of operation, a map, a tab for a menu, possibly online reservation functionality or integration ability. Finding themes outside your industry, might result in missing functionality that your customers depend on!
  2. Theme ratings and reviews. Review the ratings and reviews left by other users. Even the amount of downloads can be helpful!
  3. Make sure your new theme is responsive.
  4. Is your new theme Search Engine Optimized ? This is important to making sure your new website can be found!


Still struggling to decide what theme will work best for you? You might need to talk with one of our digital consultants today!


Is WordPress Good?


I was looking for something on WordPress and this phrase came up as a suggested search. So I clicked on it and was a little shocked to see the links that came up.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.50.22 AM


I found it pretty interesting to see some negative links in there. I always just assumed most people love WordPress (since it powers over 3 million websites according to BuiltWith). As I started exploring the mostly blog posts that linked from the first search page I started to understand more that the responses weren’t for WordPress users, but for someone searching for how to build a website.

So, continuing on this search phrase, lets explore if “WordPress is good.”


Is Word Press good for first time website builders?


Maybe. But that’s like asking, “is a Ford a good choice for a first time car driver?” Can you figure out that if you put the key in the engine it will turn the car on? If you can’t make it that far – then the car wont be good for your first driver.
WordPress is similar – if I don’t have some context for how to use it, it wont work for my first website. I should probably take this a step further and use the descriptive word dynamic, for this website. Can someone create a one page blog post that is considered a website? Yes, absolutely! But chances are that isn’t what you are looking for.


Is WordPress good for managing content after a site has been set up and configured by a WordPress expert?


Y-E-S, yes! This is infact the optimal use case for WordPress and a novice website builder. If you can hire a WordPress expert to help you get your site up and running and then access the WordPress CMS to make content changes, you will be good to go!


Caution though – there aren’t a ton of constraints in the WordPress CMS – so you could make a change that impacts the way your site looks or functions.


Is WordPress good for your website?


If you found this by searching for WordPress, then the answer is probably yes. You already know that WordPress is the most trusted CMS on the planet and that while it can be frustrating to use (as is any technology!) with the right support team, it can meet and exceed all your expectations.


If you are considering using WordPress and want to know more, send us an email!

International Immigration Law Firm for Visa and Work Permits

WASHINGTON DC – inQbation Labs (a startup incubator accelerator) and WPaaSP (a WordPress as a Service (WPaaS), WordPress as a Platform (WPaaP) is absolutely thrilled to announce to launch of global immigration services company Emigra Worldwide website.  Emigra Worldwide provides immigration counseling, strategy, information, education, and support services to companies that need to move employees around the world.  Emigra Worldwide assists organizations with obtaining visas and work permits so the right people are in the right place at the right time doing the right job.  Check it out at www.Emigra.com.

emigra home page

WordPress web design for Funeral Homes

I have been doing a lot of research lately on Funeral Homes, their websites and digital marketing efforts. After a few hours, I started to notice some serious trends that might be impacting your sites lead generation capabilities.

1. Contact Information – On most sites a phone number is hard to find. Most people searching for a funeral home are not browsing content or looking for fluff. They want to know how to reach you the quickest way possible – via phone. Phone numbers should be at the top of the page and make sure they are mobile optimized so if I can on a smart phone I can click and dial.

2. Cluttered Home Page – Maybe it’s the lack of diversity in the templates, or maybe its just poor design, but over and over again I saw home pages with so much information that my eyes didn’t know where to focus. Streamline the user experience, make sure that your home page is easy to navigate that important information is quickly available and that if all else fails, there is easy to find contact information.

3. Call to Action – As an end user, I need a call to action, something to guide me through the site, make sure I am getting the information I need and not getting lost in content that is irrelevant to me. Create one! Ask your users why they are visiting your site and give them the information they need.

4. Maps – I have yet to see a Funeral Home website with maps or directions easily available. This functionality is hugely important for individuals traveling in for services – make it easy to find and easy to use!


Make small changes like these to create a better user experience and boost your lead generation.


If you need help fixing these issues for your website, reach out to one of our digital consultants today!

Reputation management – how to protect your personal brand

It wasn’t but a few minutes after former HP executive Carly Fiorina announced her 2016 presidential candidacy that somebody registered a domain name in her name and put up a simple one page website with an infographic that represented all of the 30,000 employees that she laid off while at the helm of HP.

reputation management carly fiorina website presidential candidate 2016

This goes to show that regardless of whether or not you are running for president or simply applying for a job or trying to run a business … you need to monitor your reputation and be proactive about defending it.

Do this simple exercise and Google your name.  What do you see?  Your goal should be to own the entire first page of Google.

Look at Google’s search results page when I Google myself, “Blake Newman”

reputation management seo wordpress

The same thing goes for business, products, and brands.  If you Google, “WPaaSP” we own the entire home page of Google as well:

wordpress as a service wpaas wordpress as a platform wpaapThis should be your goal, to own the entire first page of Google when somebody Googles your name or your brand.

How to own the home page of Google

Step number one is to register the domain name of your name or brand.  You can do that here, at WordPress as a Service platform (WPaaSP).  You should buy all primary top level domains available, e.g.,

  • yourbrand.com
  • yourbrand.net
  • yourbrand.org
  • yourbrand.co

Buy as many as you can afford to maintain.  Then, for each of these, you should create a website.  WordPress as a Service Platform (WPaaSP) makes it easy for you to stand up a website in minutes.

Don’t let what happened to Carly Fiorinia happen to you.  Regardless of whether or not you are running for president, you should protect and defend your online reputation.


Website designer in Sierra Vista

WPaaSP is excited to introduce our new expansion to Southern Arizona and the city of Sierra Vista. Focused on creating dynamic, engaging, and user friendly websites we are excited to help your business grow! If you are interested in updating your website, generating more leads or even building your first website, contact inQbation Labs to connect with a Digital Consultant today.

How Google’s algorithm changed for mobile friendly websites


Have you heard about the #mobilegeddon algorithm update from Google that threatens to punish and penalize any and all websites that are not mobile friendly?

Well, don’t panic.  Most websites are fine.  If you do well enough to rank on Google now then you will probably do well enough to rank on Google after the algorithm change.

Having said that, if you want to satisfy your curiosity, ease your fears, and check your sanity then you can run your website through Google’s mobile friendly analyzer and know for sure if you pass the test or if you need to contact inQbation Labs or WordPress as a Service to get your issues resolved.  Go to: www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly and enter the URL of your website.  Hopefully, you will see something like this:

google mobile friendly test

So, stop worrying, take the test, and if you don’t like what you see, give us a call.

Town of Remington website launches

REMINGTON, VA – April 6, 2011 – inQbation Labs is thrilled to announce the government website launch for the Town of Remington, Virginia.  Remington-VA.gov represents the first local government website launched under the inQbation Labs‘ GovCMS initiative.  inQbation is giving away 100 free website designs and content management systems to the first 100 small towns with population less than 1,000.

town of remington va website home page